Corporate Services

EnKindle is a reputable Financial Services firm that provides Accounting Services, Taxation, Management Consulting, Company Incorporation and Corporate Services.

We are known to be trustworthy, reliable and will put our clients’ interests at heart.

We specialise in enabling Small to Medium sized Companies (SMEs) to greater heights and it is our passion to be able to assist our clients to be successful and grow together with them.

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To be distinguished as an efficient, trustworthy and reliable audit firm in Singapore.


We work to enable businesses to achieve their full potential by providing comprehensive services and we will deliver professional services in a customized and timely manner. 

Our Guiding Philosophy

  1. Integrity above profit
  2. Be diligent and accurate
  3. Keep prices justifiable & transparent

Enkindle Corporate Services Pte. Ltd. provides a complete range of professional services to support and enable you to manage your company or business better. Supported by over 30 years of experience, our accountants and consultants will deliver quality services and diligent work at competitive and transparent prices.

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