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Foreign Owned Singapore Company

For Foreign Companies that wish to expand their operations in Singapore, there are basically three common options:  

  1. Subsidiary Company *Most Popular* - Incorporate a Private Limited Company in Singapore under any entity name that can conduct all available business activities and enjoy the most tax benefits and government grants. 
  2. Branch Office  - Register an office under the same name and business activities as the parent company and must by 100% owned by the head office.  Taxed as non local entity and does not enjoy local tax benefits and most goverment grants.  
  3. Representative office - Register an office under the same name as the parent company and can only conduct research and liaison activities.  

Foreign owned - Singapore Company Incorporation Package includes:

(You do not need to be in Singapore)

  • Professional fees for incorporation of Foreign owned Singapore Company. 
  • ACRA fees
  • Business profile
  • E-certificates of registration
  • Resolution to open bank account
  • Free first year basic secretarial services (Usual price $380)
  • Free first year Registered Address (Usual price $120)

Please enquire for a list of the information required for Foreign owned - Singapore Company incorporation (Shareholders are foreigners or foreign company).   You can either make an appointment with us or complete the setup via email.  

Estimated investment for the first year:

Incorporate Singapore Private Limited              $780
Nominee Local Director at $2000 per year      $2000
                                                      Total = $2780

Important Statutory Requirements:

For Foreign owned Singapore Company - You will need a local resident director.  Let us know if you need to appoint a nominee local director

For Branch Office - The Companies Act requires a foreign company to appoint at least two local agents from Singapore to act on behalf of the company. The agents must be “ordinarily resident” (the usual place of stay of a person) in Singapore.  Enkindle Corporate Services can provide you with nominee local agents or directors for a fee until you are able to arrange your own staff to be relocated in Singapore.  

For  ACRA’s purposes, if a person can provide a local residential address and prove that he is staying in Singapore on a long-term arrangement (i.e. legally remain in Singapore for a long period), ACRA may accept that he is ordinarily resident here. (Source: ACRA) 


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