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Management Consulting & Business Plan Development

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, Enkindle Corporate Services is trustworthy, reliable and will put clients’ interests first. We specialize in enabling Small to Medium sized Companies (SMEs) to greater heights and it is our passion to be able to assist our clients to be successful and grow together with them.  We will work with our clients to understand their strategic challenges and tailor solutions to enable them to be highly efficient and out-execute their competition. 

Our Management Consulting Team’s mission statement: We enable our customers to create new value by delivering diligent and quality work at competitive prices. We achieve this with strong and proven methodologies and increased productivity.  

Some of our capabilities include:

  • Due diligence
  • Market strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business unit strategy & Strategic planning
  • Lean Six Sigma

What we do for Business Plan development:

We help companies with their business ideas by conducting due diligence for their ideas or proposal – what “pain” are they solving and how. We are able to assist them to develop the value proposition, identify the demographics of their potential customers, marketing and pricing strategies, industry and competition Analysis, risk assessment and contingencies planning, investor valuation, free cash flow projections and more.

We develop business plans that are professional and persuasive and can include SWOT and STEEP analysis; 4Ps market analysis, Michael Porter’s 5 forces analysis, cash flow analysis, Kepner Tregoe decision making analysis, and use modified McKinsey 7S framework, modified Boston Consulting group matrix, and relevant Financial Ratios.

Many of our clients commonly use business plans for:

  • Government grant application
  • Seeking Angel and Venture Capital investment
  • Decision making prior to investment in plant and equipment
  • Singapore Entrepreneur Pass application.

We can also provide business plan development training which is PIC grant applicable.

Why is a Business Plan important?

A good business plan is important when it comes to persuading investors.  Angel and Venture capitalists read and accept/reject numerous business plans on a daily basis, so it is vital to understand what these investors are looking for and what appeals to them.

Generally, investors are interested in unique value propositions that can disrupt and serve large scalable markets with potentially good return of investment (usually > 10x upon exit). Your business plan should accurately demonstrate that you know the market well and why you think that you have a unique opportunity to capture the unrealised value in the market.    

A good Business Plan should include:

  • An Executive Summary
  • The Value proposition
  • Current and future products / services / technology
  • Market & Industry Analysis – Trends, rivalry, scalability
  • How Operations / Manufacturing are implemented
  • Detailed marketing & pricing strategy, sales and distribution channel
  • Details about management team – why they are able to execute the plan well
  • Risk Assessment and Contingency plans
  • Realistic financial information such as cost drivers and cash-flow projections 

Please contact us for more details.  See "Service Fees" for our service rates.   


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