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Book Keeping

All companies registered in Singapore are required to keep proper books of accounts by law.  You can outsource to our accountants to compile your accounts information for submission to ACRA (Annual Returns) and IRAS (Tax).

At Enkindle Corporate Services, our accountants strive to deliver a full spectrum of accounting services. Please refer to "Service Fees" for pricing details.

Our book-keeping package provides the following;

  • Professional accounting services provided on monthly, quarterly and annual basis determined by you.
  • Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Trial Balance and General Ledger.
  • Our package can also include compilation of Unaudited Financial Statements as required.

Please contact us with the following details so that we can give you a quotation:

  1. Company name
  2. Business nature
  3. Any schedule is prepared to monitor the sales made by the Company
  4. Any schedule is prepared to monitor the purchases incurred by the Company
  5. Any private use of the bank account
  6. How many pages of the bank statement per month
  7. Expected monthly revenue and number of sales transactions.
  8. Expected number of transactions for expenses and purchases incurred during the financial year
  9. GST registered or not?
  10. Any other special item like hire purchase, loan is obtained
  11. Currency involved in sales and purchase (Type of foreign currency)
  12. Last year financial statement with detail income statement (not applicable for the newly setup company)
  13. Frequency of preparation of accounts – Monthly basis, Quarterly basis, Half yearly basis, or Annual basis
  14. Does your Company has any internal accounting software and do you need our accountant to perform on site?
  15.  Does the account need to be audited?
  16. How many staff is hired during the financial year?

Upon taking up our book keeping services, we will require the following information:
(Your assigned accountant will guide you in detail)

  • Bank Statements (12 months)
  • Cheque records (issued & received )
  • Petty Cash Vouchers
  • Sales & Purchase orders/invoices
  • Payment Vouchers (including suppliers & expenses)
  • Payroll Vouchers (including casual labour, cleaner & part-timer)
  • CPF Statement / Foreign Worker Levy (If Applicable)
  • Sales / Credit Note / Debit Notes
  • Borrowing / Hire Purchase / Tenancy Agreement (If Applicable)
  • Unpaid Suppliers’ Invoices
  • Asset and inventory, etc.  


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